Ah The Dreaded Mum Guilt.


Ah The Dreaded Mum Guilt.

We’ve all been there – actually it happens daily in this house and I’ve learnt to embrace it! We’ve ALL done something we are not proud of?

Maybe it was wanting that DELICIOUS cup of coffee and for us to be able to have it hot right to the last drop we throw the ipad in front of our kids to keep them and US sane for 10 mins while we have a little bit of timeout.

I’ve sent Harlee to school in shorts and forgotten a jumper for him and its ended up being freaking freezing for the entire day.


The School Holiday Juggle; Send Help!


The School Holiday Juggle; Send Help!

School Holidays is here again I cannot believe we have just cruised through half of 2017 already.

Seriously where did the last six months go? 

Any way you are probably like me I love spending time with my little guy and taking a break from the homework, the school activities and that dreaded lunchbox BUT I feel like my routine goes out the bloody window! 

Being a mum and juggling work or if you are like me and have a home business can be quite the challenge - but let me promise you if can get a bit of organisation in your life you won't be reaching for your gin and tonic every 5 minutes! 


My Top Tips For A Working Mum

My Top Tips For A Working Mum

Please for the love of god PRIORITISE.

Choosing the important bits first is so important. What are your MUST DO'S for the day? Get them out of the way first. For me I love wrapping my business AROUND my family and not the other way around. Family comes first. Always. 

Does it really matter if you are giving your kids toast for dinner because you were all playing at the park or kicking a ball around till it got dark? No, it doesn't. This also counts for housework - it can ALWAYS wait.

Send HELP.

Guess what you're not a super hero. We are not meant to be perfect and we are not meant to have out shit sorted. We are normal human beings and guess what? Sometimes we need help. Don't ever EVER be afraid of asking for an extra pair of hands. You will be left an overwhelmed ball of anxiety if you attempt to do everything yourself. We have husbands for a reason - use them! Get them to have a set amount of jobs every week to help ease the load off you. 

When friends or family offer help you say Y E S !



Be Prepared Be Very Prepared.

Yep if you are going to be working set hours at home or working away from home then organisation needs to be your bestie. As working mums we need to try and be as prepared and organised as we can.

Get the kids lunches organised the night before, have 2-3 nights of dinners organised or atleast in the fridge ready to cook or spend 1-2 times per month doing a big cook up of your favourite dishes and wack them in the freezer. Keep up to date with the washing, get the kids to help fold and put it away even look at doing your food shopping online to save you the trip.

Stop Listening To OTHER people. 

Guess what? You need to do what is right for your family. Every single family is completely different and you must find something that suits you and your family - not someone else's.

Some families find it easy with both parents working full-time others not so much. It doesn't make you ANY less of a parent or make you a bad or a better mum. At the end of the day if our babies are happy, we are happy and our house is still standing do we really need to give a shit what other people think? No.

Whatever you decide to do. Choose what makes you happy. Yours and your families happiness is absolutely paramount.

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can CHEW.

Please. You are an amazing mum if you choose to not go back to work EVER and be home with your babes and you are an incredible mum if you choose to jump back into the workforce.

But, please don't bite off more than you can chew. If you have little ones try starting off with 10-15 hours per week and gradually build yourself up. As your children grow and you start getting used to working and raising children then you can always look at increasing your hours at a later stage.

Make life as simple / easy as possible. 

Childcare. Choose Wisely.

This was probably one of the hardest things for me to do. That day you drop them off for the first time and they are watching you walk out the door. Make sure you are taking your time choosing a childcare centre there are so many great ones out there and a whole heap of not-so-great ones. Look on forums, check groups on facebook and the best way for you to get a run down on a childcare centre is speaking to the parents that send their children there. Do your research.



Ah. The Dreaded Mum Guilts

Don't you just love it? It doesn't matter where you leave your child you will feel guilty for doing so. You'll feel guilty being a stay at home mum and you'll feel guilty being a working mum. We seriously cannot win. You are an amazing parent and choosing to work doesn't make you a bad mum. 

The Best Part. Actually ENJOY It.

If you are going back into the work force full-time make use of your weekends together. Get out with your family and enjoy time together it will definitely make it MUCH easier when your alarm goes off Monday morning if you have had a beautiful weekend together.

Quality over quantity. So get out there and create some incredible memories with your family.

The best part though? Enjoy doing a wee without an audience, enjoy the taste of hot coffee right down to the last mouthful AND enjoy the quietness while they are not around.

I hope you have enjoyed this, if you are looking to be able to earn an income from home around your children or simply supplement the income you are earning at the moment then I would absolutely love to have a chat with you

10 Ways To Be Happy in L I F E


10 Ways To Be Happy in L I F E

Happiness is one the most important assets we can have. If you are not happy, then life can become pretty meaningless.

An unhappy person is not at their optimum at work, as a parent, or as a friend. You must look after yourself before being able to look after others.

So how do you become happy?

Whilst there’s no magical wand you can wave to become happy, there are several things you can do that will help. Here are 10 ways to be happy in life.

1. Connect with Friends and Family

Whilst we all differ in how much time we need to spend with people, we ALL need to connect. Put the effort in to reconnect with family you haven’t seen for a while, and friends you’ve neglected. Give someone a call out of the blue. Pop round for a visit. It’s easy to get bogged down with work and family commitments, but you MUST make the time to connect with people. It’s worth it.

2. Have a Long-Term Goal

You need something to work towards. Something to motivate yourself to keep going. It could be to save up and buy a holiday home, a yacht, or even to become a published writer. Find something that is possible to attain in the long term, and that excites you. Now work towards this, one step at a time. This gives your life hope that something better is on its way, and give you a sense of purpose.

3. Have Things to Look Forward to

Having things to look forward to helps keep you positive and happy. It might be a holiday that you’ve booked, or a concert. Make sure you regularly provide yourself with things to look forward to. Once you have done the thing you planned, quickly start looking for the next thing to plan.

4. Have a Laugh

Laughter is fantastic medicine for the soul. Seek out people who have a good sense of humour and make you laugh. Avoid those negative drains. Watch some funny films and TV programs. Learn to laugh at yourself and things around you. Life shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

5. Smile in the Mirror

To a fair degree you can “fake it until you make it”. By deliberately smiling, you send a positive signal to the rest of your mind and body, and it will follow suit. So when you look in the mirror in the morning, put on a smile and give yourself a great start to your day.



Watch Your

stress levels. Stress can turn the most laid back person into a moody monster.

6. Eat a More Natural, Balanced Diet

A good diet has been proven to improve your mood. Avoid processed and ready-made foods. Do more cooking. If you are not a good cook, then learn. There’s loads of free recipes and tips online. It really isn’t that difficult, and can be a fulfilling hobby in itself.

Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and meats. A good rule of thumb is to strive to eat foods that were available 1000 years ago. 

7. Watch Your Stress Levels

Stress can turn the most laid back person into a moody monster. It is also harmful to your health. If your job is stressful, consider ways to reduce this stress. Can you offload some responsibility? Maybe talk to your boss about getting some help?

If things can’t be improved, then consider finding a new job – even if the pay is reduced. A job is not worth a life time of misery. Most people tend to over spend when they’re stressed, so you might not actually be worse off financially anyway.

Learn meditation. This is great for stress reduction. Also walks in the countryside are great for de-stressing your mind and body.

8. Exercise!

Through millions of years of evolution, we are designed to work physically harder than most of us do in this modern world. This leaves us with an excess of unburned energy.

Find an exercise that you enjoy. This could be the gym, swimming, playing tennis etc. Exercise also releases those feel-good hormones into your body, leaving you feeling great afterwards.

9. Do Someone a Favour

Doing a good turn for someone can boost your levels of happiness. It might be something simple like buying them a small gift that you know they will like. It could be something practical like giving them a lift to work. Doing good turns for others creates a good vibe that you will also enjoy.

10. Don’t Be a People Pleaser

Although it is good to do favours for others, only do them when YOU want to. Learn to say no to people who ask for too much. Do things that make you happy, even if people in your life don’t approve. As long as it isn’t harming anyone else, then chase what you feel you want to do.

You may have people in your life who like you to do things for them instead of for yourself. They may try and put you off so that you can be there for them. Ignore them and carry on. They will get used to your new way of being. If people in your life value your happiness, they will support you.

Final Thoughts

Always remember the importance of happiness in your life. Remember to laugh and play and look after yourself. Follow your passions. This helps you get the most out of yourself to help others.

If necessary put reminders on your wall, and on your fridge to “Be Happy”. Focus on your happiness. After a while it will become second nature. Choose to be happy. If you put in the effort, it will happen. Enjoy!




7 Things To Ask Yourself Today To Improve Tomorrow


7 Things To Ask Yourself Today To Improve Tomorrow

Some people end the day by hitting the sack and falling to sleep almost immediately, then there are the rest of us.

We lay down and spend at least 30 minutes rehashing the events of the day.

We replay conversations in our minds and cringe at the embarrassing things that we have said.

We focus on the things that we forgot to do, and the things that we were unable to do.


Here are 7 things

you can ask yourself today to improve your day tomorrow.

Let’s be truthful.

There’s nothing productive about this.

It’s all just an exercise in increasing self do
ubt. So, what if we used this sleepless 30 minutes or so to do something constructive?

What if there were something we could do to make ourselves feel better about the day we had, and make us look forward to the possibility of tomorrow being a better day?
Good news.

This is possible.

When negative end-of-the-day thoughts creep in, try asking yourself these seven questions for you to improve tomorrow.

1. What makes me feel grateful?

Rather than focusing on what went wrong, ask yourself what made you feel grateful. This is a great way to force yourself to find something positive about a negative day. Gratitude isn’t just feeling thankful, it is a way of changing both your attitude and your perspective.

2. What happened today that made me smile?

There is no better way to improve your mood than to recount the things that made you smile.

Anything that you can think of is game here.

It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant it seems. If it put a smile on your face, it counts.

Were you the recipient of a kind remark from a stranger? Did you have an extra 15 minutes to lay in bed this morning?



3. Ask Yourself; How am I feeling right now?

If the answer to this question is that you feel lousy, that’s perfectly fine. Yes, the purpose of asking yourself these seven questions is to create positive feelings.

However, that doesn’t mean that this process is meant to be saccharine sweet or that you should deny negative feelings. There is something positive and empowering in acknowledging how you feel. However, if you are feeling well, that’s even better!

4. How did I make other people feel today?

This is another question to which you may not have a very positive answer. That’s okay. The truth is we all have days where we just aren’t a positive addition to the lives of others. It’s ugly to think that we have done things that made others feel bad, but reflecting on that can help us prepare to be a positive source.

5. How much stress am I feeling?

Stress has a tendency to creep up on us. All too often, you will be in midst of getting things done, fighting proverbial fires, and just operating in survival mode, and then you hit an emotional wall.

The result could be anything from a teary emotional episode to blowing up a loved one who doesn’t deserve it.

Asking yourself this question allows you to be honest with yourself about the level of stress that you are under, and to make plans to  lower that stress level before things hit critical mass.



6. What can I do to improve tomorrow?

Before you answer this, keep in mind that the point is to make yourself look forward to tomorrow with positive feelings.

So, ‘everything’ is not a good answer here.

Instead, try to think of a few specific things you can actually take action on.

For example, you cannot lose 30 pounds tomorrow, but you can pick a salad for lunch instead of a fried chicken sandwich.

7. What did I learn today?

Out of the 7 things I love this one the most.
If you have learned even one thing, you have something positive to end your day with.

They say that the difference between successful people and others is that they can embrace even the worst days as long as they can find at least one lesson learned and improve tomorrow.




Do You Want MORE Out Of Your Life? Hell Yes!

But here are some of the awesome things I'm going to be implementing ino my life in 2017

#1. Be a Do-Gooder

This not only makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside the universe also sees this awesome stuff and karma will come back to you ten fold.


I am NEVER working for someone else again... ever!


I am NEVER working for someone else again... ever!

So yesterday was a big turning point for me.

I handed in my notice for my Assistant Accountant role. 

No more boss. No more traffic. No more bullshit.

Pretty freaking chuffed about it. I have been spreading myself super thin for the past 6-12 months trying to build this business to get to this point, plus my part time job, being a wife, a mum and all the other million things in between.

Hard Work Pays Off.


How optimism and positivity can benefit your life (and business)


How optimism and positivity can benefit your life (and business)

So the year has started! Woo. I wanted to share something personal with you all... one of my resolutions for this year (one of many that I'm wanting to achieve and improve on as 2016 rolls on).

I want to be optimistic and positive. 

It really is amazing how different your life can be when you surround your self with awesome stuff. So I want more of that in 2016. More good stuff.

Becoming more positive doesn't happen overnight - this is something you need to be chip chip chipping away at. Small consistent actions will get you there.


Achieving Work Life Balance


Achieving Work Life Balance

Work. Life. Balance.

3 little words that really is music to my ears. 

It really doesn't matter where you are in life if you're just starting out, or you're married or you have a zillion kids everyone is searching for a balanced life.

Some days you think you have everything under control and then there are those days that sneak up on you and pull the rug form underneath you. Speaking from my absolute heart being a working mum is probably one of the hardest things and I sympathise with any beautiful mums out there that are in the same chaos that I am.

I'm typically out of the house including travel for my part time position around 25 hours a week. And when I am home I'm juggling two businesses, being a mum, a wife to my husband, two dogs and a house!

It's hard. 



My 10 biggest business lessons from the past year


My 10 biggest business lessons from the past year

Last year, when I launched this business, although I knew I was on the cusp of something amazing I really had no idea what I was about to launch into and just how much it would change my life!  

 Now, with a year of this business behind me, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve learned it fast.Through trial and error, success and failure, learning and unlearning… I’ve built a successful business for myself and crafted a life that I love.  

Here are my 10 biggest takeaways from the past year: