School Holidays is here again I cannot believe we have just cruised through half of 2017 already.

Seriously where did the last six months go? 

Any way you are probably like me I love spending time with my little guy and taking a break from the homework, the school activities and that dreaded lunchbox BUT I feel like my routine goes out the bloody window! 

Being a mum and juggling work or if you are like me and have a home business can be quite the challenge - but let me promise you if can get a bit of organisation in your life you won't be reaching for your gin and tonic every 5 minutes! 

Grab Your Diary or Online Calender 

I run my business purely for my family and not the other way around. Family is always first regardless. So all my family things are my most important items and go into my schedule first. 

So I look at the two weeks and schedule in things I want to do with Harlee any play dates, soccer clinics, ice skating, movies whatever we are up to goes in first. 

Why? He's my first priority so his activities are the most important to me. I started my business to wrap it around my family and not the other way around. 

Once I've sorted that out I can plan around this. My routine changes dramatically over the school holidays. Phone calls, training, meetings, sit downs whatever I need to do to keep my business going over the holidays are now placed in around my non negotiable items. 

This way I know I'm always putting hubby and our little guy first. 

If you are working and needing to organise somewhere for your little people to go do this WAY ahead of time. Play dates, Vacation Care or having them have a few sleepovers with family. Get it all organised before the school holidays starts. 

Plan Ahead 

The absolute key is planning ahead - the week before school holidays I go into CRAZY mode. All bills, filing, tax, food shopping, cooking - literally everything I can do before hand I get done. I find getting ahead on things like this makes a massive difference for when the school holidays begin. 

If you are needing to book them in for holidays programs or vacation care make sure you do this WAY ahead of time. These spots fill up very very quickly with parents who need to still work over the holidays. 



It Takes A Village 

Guess what? We don't have to do this all on our own either. If you have family that would love to have your kiddos for a sleep over utilise this! That's what family is for - my sisters are incredible and absolutely love having Harlee overnight and are there whenever I need them. 

Outsource Them 

There are so many programs on over school holidays too. Harlee has a soccer program he goes to 1-2 days a week over the holidays so I know I can cram lots of work into these days being child free. 

But there are cooking classes, lego building, craft clubs all sorts of bits and pieces you can look into! 

If you're like me and work with lots of other mums too then getting together at play centres, parks, ect and letting the kids play and get rid of ALL their energy is incredible too. You can have a coffee in peace even get some work done and let the kids have fun at the same time. It's win win! 

Working At Home With Kids 

Ahh it can definitely be challenging. I tend to find as soon as my bum is in front of that computer I certain little someone will shuffle into my office needing something urgent! 

If you work in an office try and organise with your boss prior to the holidays if you can do 1-2 days a week from home to help with the holiday juggle. Some places thesedays are fairly flexible for families - you won't know if you don't ask. 

My business is extremely flexible so working early morning before Harlee is awake and then doing a few bits and pieces at night while he's in bed works really well. 

But during the day I like to be able to catch up on emails, messages etc so I communicate this with him so he understands I only need a little bit of time away from him to get my work done.

I can work from my smart phone so if it means me snuggling on the couch with him with a movie on and me smashing out a bit of work on my phone I do that too. 

Whatever you can do. If they will sit and watch something on TV for 15 mins then you go hell for leather and be laser focused for that 15 mins. You do what you have to do. 

Anything that you can give them so they feel like they are 'helping' you too is perfect. They love being little helpers!


But Remember To Be There 


Enjoy time with your children. 


I started this business to have more time with my family so that will always be my priority. 

Ask them what sort of things they want to get up to over the school holidays and schedule them in! They use this time to re charge too and so should you. 

Take your foot off the excelerater a little and enjoy some time with your babies too. Both you and them have worked hard over the school term.  

Leave some blank space in your schedule too, no plans, nothing organised so you can just chill out and do whatever you feel like on that day. 

We often feel guilty about not spending quality times with our babes so much sure you are using this time well. 

Remember to turn your computer off 

Turn the notifications off on your phone - actually just turn your phone off! 

Spend time with your little ones while they are still little.