We’ve all been there – actually it happens daily in this house and I’ve learnt to embrace it! We’ve ALL done something we are not proud of?


Maybe it was wanting that DELICIOUS cup of coffee and for us to be able to have it hot right to the last drop we throw the ipad in front of our kids to keep them and US sane for 10 mins while we have a little bit of timeout.


I’ve sent Harlee to school in shorts and forgotten a jumper for him and its ended up being freaking freezing for the entire day.


I’ve bought him fast food when I cannot be ASSed cooking.


He has definitely eaten his weight in chicken nuggets from time to time too when I cant be bothered thinking for the millionth time what to cook for dinner.


I’ve been that mum who after 30 mins of saying no at the shops – has a child skipping out of Kmart with a toy I told him he wasn’t going to get.


And, well the list goes on.


But guess what? I’m pretty sure DHS isn’t going to come knocking on my door any time soon, Harlee is a happy boy and fed and has a roof over his head. So why on earth are we so bloody hard on ourselves all the time?


We get the guilts over the most stupid and pointless things and by tomorrow I promise you they are going to be completely forgotten about!


Being a mum is NOT the same as the cover of a Pumpkin Patch catalogue


Being a mum is NOT the crap we are fed on TV or through Social Media.


Being a mum is RAW and REAL. We fuck up all the time. But we need to learn to embrace this and not be so hard on ourselves.


Stop the pressure.


Being a mum is hard enough as it is.


Guess what if your kids eat that nugget, a freddo frog or god forbid they get that toy at Kmart they have been whinging about for 10 isles.


Who cares!

Stop the guilt’s ladies!


We are FREAKING awesome and sometimes barely holding everything together!


We are literally 100 + people rolled into one and we are bound to drop the ball from time to time.


Please stop stressing over the things you think you have done wrong and embrace the amazing little things like your child looking into your eyes at the end of the day regardless of what has happened and them telling you “You’re the best mummy in the world”


Because that right there.


That little sentence.


Completely erases whatever crap we have had to deal with for the day.


You are a fantastic human being.


You have created life and should be so proud of yourself.


Stop being so harsh on yourself and for the love of god STOP the mum guilt’s.


We are all fucking up.






I can assure you by the end of today you have done a hell of a lot more amazing things then the few silly things you’re feeling the mum guilt’s above.