So yesterday was a big turning point for me.

I handed in my notice for my Assistant Accountant role. 

No more boss. No more traffic. No more bullshit.

Pretty freaking chuffed about it.

I have been spreading myself super thin for the past 6-12 months trying to build this business to get to this point, plus my part time job, being a wife, a mum and all the other million things in between.

Hard Work Pays Off.

When I look at him it reminds me of why I'm working so hard. When I look at him I remember why I'm getting up so early...

Posted by Bec Collier on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Harlee and I were so excited about it we thought we would share a little video we did with you guys. And I have to admit this was done on the first take which is pretty amazing when you are involving children in anything really and only cost me 2 mini milky ways.

Whats on the cards now? 

To help as many people as I can too say goodbye to their bosses too!

Something amazing happened today. I'm just so excited about the future. If you know someone tagged in this video too I urge you to reach out to them and have a chat to them about this opportunityI'm absolute living proof this can change your life.I cannot wait to work my ass off with my team and get more videos like this happening this year!If you want to chat to me about what I'm doing too please pop your details into my website below

Posted by Bec Collier on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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